Jeanne H. Twilley

Artist Statement

My work is infused with dramatic color, shapes and forms.  I am a American painter who works with acrylic, oil, and pastel on canvas and paper.  Influenced by Claude Monet, Richard Diebenkorn and Pierre Bonnard, my journey is grounded in sense of place, color and complex imagery.  My paintings begin with shapes created with one mark of the brush and  work themselves into a woven pattern of colors that overlap and skip across the surface often circling back through the same shapes.  The layering of the marks provide life to each painting  as I navigate  new ways of creating. 

The imagery in my work is descriptive of both physical spaces and introspective spaces that are investigated, described and recorded.   Inspired by nature and the human experience, my work is rooted in daily life.  Nature is evident in the many spaces I create to remind me that the minute to minute change in nature area as common as the quick changes in our daily lives.   Painting  from life provides a framework  to capture  a moment in time that is in my path and grounded in a sense of place.  Creating also alows the marks created in my work to provide a small window to the stories unfolding around me.