Jeanne H. Twilley

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Artist Statement

Jeanne Hill Twilley


My work is infused  with dramatic color, shapes and forms.  I am  American painter who works with oil, acrylic and pastel on canvas and paper.   Influenced by  abstract expressionist Richard Diebenkorn and French impressionists Pierre Bonnard and Claude Monet, my work is grounded in a sense of place, color and complex imagery.   

The imagery in my work is descriptive of both physical and introspective spaces.  Nature is prominent in many spaces I create to remind how quickly a scene or space can change while sketching, painting or observing.  Painting in this way reminds me that the quick changes in nature are as common as the minute to minute changes in our everyday lives.  My work is a small window to the stories unfolding around me.  I maintain an open working studio year round  and an open door to the many people in that make the most important marks on my life.  My work is collected by partrons thoughout the United States.

                                                                                    Jeanne Hill Twilley